Insulin resistance – Cause and development

John MillmoundBiology, Blog, Insulin

Insulin is secreted by the pancreas, and works as a signal for the cells to take in glucose from the bloodstream. A healthy pancreas always releases a sufficient amount of insulin to stabilize blood glucose levels. However, in a situation where there is enough insulin but cells do not respond to it, there must be something blocking the signaling pathway. … Read More

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Depression with T2D: Knowing the Signs and Taking Action

John MillmoundBlog, Psychology

Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes experience a myriad of health complications that can range in intensity and threat. Dependent in part with how long an individual has not been properly on top of their treatment, the physical affects often take precedence and are the only things that concern doctors. However, lurking below these physical symptoms is a range of emotional … Read More

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