T2D news & developments – Week 24

John MillmoundCauses, Genetics, Nutrition

This is the first post of the news series that will be called T2D news & developments, which I will try to post weekly. A finnish study has found a connection of future risk of type 2 diabetes risk with genetic profiles: http://www.utu.fi/en/news/news/Pages/Genetic-Information-Helps-Identify-High-Future-Risk-of-Type-2-Diabetes-in-Children–.aspx A comprehensive article about the significance of sleep with diabetes: The connection between sleep and type 2 … Read More

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Dairy as a T2D preventative

John MillmoundNews, Nutrition

The consumption of certain dairy products might have a preventive effect on type 2 diabetes. Several studies have analyzed the association of different levels of dairy consumption and diabetes, and although the studies left some things unconcluded, they showed that a high consumption of low-fat dairy clearly reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. One dairy product in particular … Read More

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