T2D news & developments – Week 27

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roman_numeralsThis piece of news published last week, covers a topic of which I decided to write more extensively in the future.

If the two currently defined types diabetes could be classified into more distinct profiles, a new study might be on the right track of doing so. Based on different health factors, researchers were able to identify 5 types of predictable profiles of diabetes.

The classifications were as follows:

  • 1 – “(11%) comprised mostly of type 1 diabetes”
  • 2 – “(20%) included patients who showed impaired beta-cell function of non-autoimmune background”
  • 3 – “(6%) included the most insulin-resistant patients with the highest risk for kidney disease”
  • 4 – “(20%) included the most obese patients”
  • 5 – “(43%) was age-related and most type 2 diabetes-like with similar frequencies seen in the replication cohort”

This level of categorization could enable a more comprehensive understanding of one’s condition, as well as better guidance from professionals.

Source: http://www.endocrinologyadvisor.com/fine-tuning-diabetes-classification/article/507450/

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